The Mason Jar

A mason jar sits, bursting at the rim with a rainbow of marbles

Each marble has been earned through small acts of kindness across time

The glass is thick, built to withstand criticism and missteps

Just so long as those hurtful acts are greatly outnumbered by kindness

Each poke, prod, tease, judgement, or dismissal weakens the glass

The glass tries defection, it tries to become stronger, it even armors-up

But slowly and surely a small crack begins to form, not noticeable at first

Another insult, assumption, judgement, or hurtful act knocks against its already weakened shell

The time has come, those jabs grow the crack enough that it begins to break open

At first the rounded edge of a sunshine yellow marble peaks ever so slightly from its edges

It wants to stay, be surrounded by all the other rainbow marbles earned through kindness

The hatred is so strong though – the pressure is just too much – nothing can stop what’s begun

In the silence a small creaking noise can be heard, the crack opens just a bit more

The sunshine yellow marble crashes to the floor and shatters to dust

The rainbow marbles follow suit, tumbling out, fracturing, bouncing, and rolling on the floor

There stands an empty mason jar, covered with cracks and abrasions

No more rainbows, no more sunshine, utterly alone

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