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When a Singular Story Threatens to Divide People and Communities

As a social worker, and an empath, it’s not easy to watch the people in my life and those in my community become so divided on an issue, that on the most basic level is about honoring people, celebrating diversity and believing that people,… Continue Reading “When a Singular Story Threatens to Divide People and Communities”

Fighting the Fight

The world feels very dangerous right now; people in power are doing everything they can to create hate in an attempt to divide us, perpetuate fear, and ultimately induce a sense of hopelessness. This is the perfect mix of ingredients necessary to drive my… Continue Reading “Fighting the Fight”

Change Takes Courage

The wonder that I experience while watching a butterfly effortlessly glide through the sky escapes words. I’ve been drawn to these magnificent creatures since I was a young child, and would often chase them through my yard, hoping that one would find me desirable… Continue Reading “Change Takes Courage”

Hey! You’re Part of It

It was a sunny afternoon, perfect for a walk to go get lunch at some nearby food carts with my close friend. As we walked, we discussed what was going on in our lives and our mutual struggle with wrapping our heads around what… Continue Reading “Hey! You’re Part of It”

The Mason Jar

A mason jar sits, bursting at the rim with a rainbow of marbles Each marble has been earned through small acts of kindness across time The glass is thick, built to withstand criticism and missteps Just so long as those hurtful acts are greatly… Continue Reading “The Mason Jar”

The Proverbial Jell-O Mold

When I think of people, I often think of a puzzle, with many pieces encompassing diverse shapes and sizes, which ultimately come together and create complexity and beauty. Each puzzle piece is unique, just as much as each person is. So why is it… Continue Reading “The Proverbial Jell-O Mold”

Stigmatized by the Invisible

Life, for many people, is a daily struggle, whether that’s because they don’t have enough food to eat, live in an unsafe neighborhood, are a person of color, or have a disabling condition. Some people’s struggles are outwardly obvious to the greater society, and… Continue Reading “Stigmatized by the Invisible”

I am a Social Worker

The day began like any other Friday; however, the world was entrenched in the COVID-19 pandemic, people had already endured months of isolation, and the mental health impact was taking hold. With the world collapsing around me, knowing that today was my weekly “social… Continue Reading “I am a Social Worker”

The Dangers of Being Inauthentic on the Human Experience

What does being authentic mean in a world that values material goods, wealth, and beauty. Can a person be happy if they don’t follow the latest trends or social norms? Many people wake up every morning, put on their armor, mask up, and face… Continue Reading “The Dangers of Being Inauthentic on the Human Experience”